Leon Rothstein, Attorney at Law
Business Law Attorney in Boise, Idaho

About Leon Rothstein, Attorney At Law

Clients from Boise and beyond turn to me, attorney Leon Rothstein, for personalized legal counsel in a variety of business law matters. I am comfortable working on cases involving businesses of any size, and I approach each case and each client with an appreciation for the uniqueness of every legal matter.

Listening to clients’ goals, objectives and concerns is the heart of my law practice. At the same time, I fulfill my role as educator and advocate, applying up-to-date laws and best practices as I advise each client.

Let Us Get Acquainted

I received my Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Concordia University School of Law. My private practice in Idaho has focused on business law from its inception. I have also practiced in family law and other areas of law. I invite you to learn more about my background and qualifications through this link:

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Once you have gotten an idea about me, I will naturally hope for the same. I truly welcome the opportunity to meet with potential and new clients since I learn something new with each case.

Meeting to talk about your legal goals and objectives will help me to learn about you, your hopes and your legal needs. To arrange for a meeting with Leon Rothstein, Attorney at Law, call 208-338-1001 or send an email inquiry today.